Hyperion is a Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM) Tool. It's the market leader in Financial, Operational and Strategic Planning. It has applications for Planning, consolidation, and score carding, reporting, dashboards, Analysis, Workspace, Master Data Management and Foundation. With Hyperion you can collect, organize and analyze data then distribute it throughout your enterprise using a rich, unified workspace that makes business performance management easier and more powerful than ever before. Hyperion can help you drive performance improvements by better aligning goals with metrics, increasing your operational efficiency and becoming more comfortable with the integrity of your numbers. It can deliver this sort of breakthrough performance management because we offer the most comprehensive set of features, functionality and flexibility in one system.

Business Intelligence (BI):

Business Intelligence, also known as "BI", is a term currently used to describe a discipline which captures and assesses various aspects of a company, its customers and competitors. This includes a variety of processes and applications. These methods assist in gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to intelligent information about this company's data in order to identify significant trends or patterns that ultimately enable a decision-making process. Ultimately this provides a company, competing in a specific market, a realistic advantage and aims to support better business decision making.

BI ideally serves as a unified presentation layer for data that originates from one or more data sources such as transaction or ERP systems. Optimally, BI shares this data in a more intuitive manner that allows business users to easily understand any issues shown by the figures - and then to take appropriate action.

Business Intelligence requires an in-depth analysis of the internal and external data related to the functioning of the business enterprise in order to enable efficient and effective tactical, operational and strategic decision-making across each organizational level of the company.

Business Intelligence evolves by applying the appropriate technology to the appropriate business process in order to streamline it, and, in turn, it helps to organize and consolidate this unwieldy collection of information into knowledge. This then facilitates fact-based assessments of business activity swiftly and effectively.

What is Performance Management software, and how does it relate to business intelligence (BI) solutions?

Performance management software is a rapidly growing category of enterprise software that is increasingly used with business intelligence software and enables management and knowledge workers at all levels of business to link strategies to plans, continuously monitor execution against goals, and drive enterprise-wide performance improvement.

Performance management applications integrate with a business intelligence foundation, which can consist of an operational data warehouse or data mart, an analytics engine, business intelligence tools, and analytic applications that provide organizations with timely, proactive, actionable insight that is derived from heterogeneous historical and real-time data sources.

What products does Hyperion currently develop and support?

Hyperion develops and supports Hyperion System 9, an integrated, performance management solution that integrates financial management applications with a business intelligence platform. Hyperion System 9 includes:

Hyperion System 9 Applications enable financial professionals to formulate strategies, model scenarios and assumptions, develop operational and strategic plans, monitor performance against plans, and consolidate financial information for management and statutory reporting.

Hyperion System 9 BI provides a set of management reporting and analysis capabilities, including dashboards, analytics, and reporting.

Hyperion System 9 Foundation Services is a solution that synchronizes master data across all enterprise systems, ensures integrity and quality of financial information, and provides data integration capabilities.

Hyperion Essbase

Hyperion Essbase Analytic Services provides powerful analytical processing to fulfill a broad spectrum of business performance management needs across all levels and functional areas of your business. Information is stored in multiple dimensions and hierarchies that provide a concise and intuitive application model, because they define multiple views of information in the same way users organize, navigate and select information for analysis.

The speed of thought query performance and powerful calculation engine enable executives, line of business managers, and front line workers to interactively analyze and more effectively manage business performance.

Our consultants are expertly trained and certified on Hyperion Essbase.

Hyperion Planning

Hyperion Planning is a centralized, Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that drives collaborative, integrated, event-based planning processes throughout the enterprise for a wide range of financial and operational needs. As an integral part of the Hyperion Business Performance Management Suite, Hyperion Planning allows companies to track and monitor business plans and forecasts translating strategic objectives into operational goals and targets.

With Hyperion Planning you can centrally manage and collaborate on every step of the planning, process and communicate targets to all decision-makers via the Internet, intranet and a standard Web browser. Decision-makers create, own and communicate detailed plans, calculations and assumptions, across the enterprise, improving user participation and value of data. Replace your outdated spreadsheet systems with Hyperion Planning and move to multidimensional, driver-based re-forecasting processes. Plan iteratively, cut cycle times and ensure data integrity.

Our consultants are expertly trained and certified on Hyperion Planning.

Key features of Hyperion Planning:
  • Ensure accuracy:Validate forecasts with integrated, best-in-class analytics
  • Reduce budgeting time:Improve cycles by weeks or months
  • Align the organization:Combine financial and operational planning in one system
  • Address finance needs quickly:Meet immediate finance needs while enabling operations-specific budgeting processes
  • Maximize modeling capabilities:Support advanced, power user modeling capabilities with nearly seamless Microsoft Excel integration
  • Gain mass user acceptance:Appeal to a wider user community through a simplified Web interface

Leverages the power of Oracle Hyperion Essbase XTD Platform - Hyperion Planning utilizes as its central data store, Oracle Hyperion Essbase, maximizing the user experience and minimizing IT support by leveraging just one central data store. Information is available instantly and in real-time.

Scalable Web infrastructure enables flexible data entry, analysis and frequent real-time updates from anywhere, using a standard Web browser. Collaborative planning processes, and centralized data management significantly reduce maintenance and distribution costs.

Totally Thin Client the ultimate in 'anytime, anywhere' planning. Users can access their plans in a safe and secure environment using any standard web browser.

Enterprise Security Interoperability - Oracle Hyperion Planning interoperates with existing security mechanisms such as NTLM, MSAD and LDAP ensuring maintenance and security consistency.

Powerful workflow and process management including e-mail notification and alerts empowers users to track and communicate the progress of their plans and budgets; create, validate and change plans; identify bottlenecks; conduct "what if" analysis and scenario testing.

Flexible modeling and business rules and easy-to-use graphical interface creates and communicates corporate and user-defined rules and assumptions, complex calculations, company standards and allocations at all levels. Set top-level targets, test scenarios, and perform detailed bottom up calculations.

Robust data integration enables bidirectional information exchange with legacy applications, data warehouses, ERP and CRM systems using Hyperion's packaged integration solutions.

Powerful reporting and analysis empowers users to check progress of each planning unit, analyze variances and change plans in real-time, all from a central data platform Hyperion Essbase XTD.

Best practice, financial, process, currency and reporting functionality delivers rapid time to benefit and lowers TCO. Use Oracle Hyperion Reports to deliver highly formatted reporting across the enterprise.

With Oracle Hyperion Planning you can centrally manage and collaborate on every step of the planning, process and communicate targets to all decision-makers via the Internet, intranet and a standard Web browser. Decision-makers create, own and communicate detailed plans, calculations and assumptions, across the enterprise, improving user participation and value of data.

Replace your outdated spreadsheet systems with Oracle Hyperion Planning and move to multidimensional, driver-based re-forecasting processes. Plan iteratively, cut cycle times and ensure data integrity

Hyperion Data Management

Hyperion Master Data Management (MDM) - the management of shared data within an organization. Master Data (in some organizations this may be referred to as key performance indicators, reference data or reporting structures) includes corporate data such as hierarchies and dimensions (e.g., financials, sales, products, locations) as well as attributes and properties associated with dimensions (e.g., ERP codes, flags, business measures, allocations, calculation drivers and legacy system coding structures to name a few) as well all subsets within these data structures. Whatever the term used, the concept of being able to manage this data is not a new one but what about the solution?

Hyperion's MDM server - is a tool that can ensure the seamless sharing of BPM master data across systems, data warehouses, analytical applications, transactions systems and BPM management applications an enterprise-wide solution that ensures data quality in all areas of an organization. Hyperion's MDM server was built to complement the open infrastructure of the Hyperion Hub and integrate it with the Hyperion BI platform. In addition, the MDM server allows business users to participate in the contribution of data, thereby facilitating the iterative process of managing complex, rapidly changing BPM metadata.

Our consultants are expertly trained and certified on Hyperion MDM.

The synchronization of master data across an enterprise is especially challenging in global companies that have multiple implementations of the same enterprise application suite. As with any merger or acquisition, data migration is a significant concern and provides unique challenges during transition periods, where new and legacy systems must operate in parallel and master data needs to be synchronized throughout the process. Lastly, compliance issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley add to the urgent need for master data management in order to coordinate and rationalize disparate dimensions or hierarchies. Hyperion's MDM will address all these critical issues in a user-friendly environment.

Why Hyperion?
  • Category leader in performance management software:
    • Rated as a leader in performance management and business intelligence platforms
    • Leader in OLAP, planning, and financial consolidation
    • Successfully implemented at over 12,000 global customers
  • Strong reputation and established relationships with CFO office
    • Strong domain expertise in financial and performance management
    • Helps Oracle sell complementary products into the CFO office
    • Strengthens Oracle's expansion into SAP base
  • Most complementary product suite
    • Thousands of Hyperion customers already use Oracle Applications
    • Enables rapid integration of product suites
  • Experienced global organization
    • Highly skilled and experienced product development team
    • Global sales expertise, strong services and support capability
    • Excellent support and adoption by global system integrators
Hyperion Management? / Hyperion financial management?

Hyperion Financial Management is a comprehensive, Web-based application that delivers global financial consolidation, reporting and analysis in a single, highly scalable software solution. Hyperion Financial Management utilizes today's most advanced technology, yet is built to be owned and maintained by the enterprise's finance team.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition V.11.1.2 Release Highlights

  • This release includes support for Hyperion Financial Close Management.
  • This release includes support for Smart View's Smart Slices. Also this release supports the new ribbon, cascading of reports, and support for Task Lists in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.
  • With the Financial Management Copy Application Utility, you can now copy Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect applications, as well as Classic Administration applications, from one server to another.
  • Extended Analytics now includes an option to extract flat files without headers. When you select this option, all extracted dimensions are listed in a record-by-record format. Also The Financial Management Configuration Utility (HFMConfigure.exe) includes the ability to specify database information for Extended Analytics.
  • The Hyperion Financial Management Web UI has been enhanced for greater ease of use and consistency with other Hyperion products.
  • See New Features guide at Documentation link under Learn More (above) for more details on these features.
Hyperion Reporting? Is it Financial Reporting?

One of the greatest challenges confronting businesses today is theneed to increase the operational efficiencies of organizations thatcreate and distribute GAAP-compliant financial reports and otherhighly formatted management reports. Hyperion FinanciaReporting meets this challenge head-on by generating highly formatted, book-quality financial and management reports.

Even the most nontech-savvy users can employ Hyperion Financial Reporting to

  • Schedule reports for immediate printing and online delivery
  • Send e-mail alerts when reports are ready to view
  • Create and save batches of reports in a repository or as HTML or PDF files
  • Schedule regular reports (daily, weekly, and so on)
  • Create books of related reports